Town of Omis

Omis Omiš is a small Central Dalmatian town and harbour located between Split and Makarska, situated in the mouth of the Cetina river, surrounded with massive gorges. In the past Omis was notorious becuse of the pirates of Omis whose ships were a centuries-long symbol of retaliation, courage and strength. The evidences of proud and turbulent Omis history can be found on every corner of the Omis Riviera. Ancient town of Omis, Omis churches and Omiš fortresses are silent stone reminders of the power and the might of infamous Omis pirates. Today, it is the center of Omis Riviera, one of the most beautiful parts of Croatia's Adriatic Coast. Situated in the heart of Dalmatia, with it's true Mediterranean spirit and diversities, Omis Riviera offers everything you need.

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Omis pirates

Omis Pirates From the 12th to the 14th century Omis was a dangerous place for ships to pass by, as the city was ruled by Pirates, during more then two centuries trade ships and other Wessel who encountered the Sagittas (the Arrow – special Wessel build for fast attacks and ever faster retrieval) was often attacked and defeated by the Omis pirates. The base of the Pirates was a few km up the Cetina river from, where the up to 250 meter high cliffs of the canyon gave them an excellent protection from attackers, the crusaders as well as the Turks, learned in unsuccessful attacks, that that the Omis pirates was the true rulers of the Cetina canyon. As a new thing this year, tourist now has option to step in to the footpaths of the Omis Pirates, by joining the pirate nights at river Cetina, the pirate evening includes a sailing trip up river Cetina and an evening together with the pirates at Kaštil Slanica.

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